Signs You May Have a Case

At the Employee Advocates at Winston Law Group, P.C. we understand that employment law can be difficult to navigate. There are many situations that may prove to be uncomfortable or stressful, but where is the line between these situations and those that are illegal? At what point does an annoyance become a violation of your legal rights?

If you are concerned about your employment or work environment, consider these 17 signs that you may have a case.

Your co-workers bully you or others, and your supervisor does nothing to stop it

You and your co-workers are treated differently.

You made a mistake at work, and your boss verbally attacked you or punished you in front of co-workers or customers

You witnessed your boss doing something illegal, and he or she told you not to tell anyone

You reported illegal activity at work, and were fired immediately thereafter

You refused to perform illegal actions and your hours were cut, or you were fired

Your boss got mad at you and withheld your wages or tips.

You were not provided training for your position, but your boss berates you for not knowing how to do your job.

You asked about an open position but were told “just be lucky you have a job”, and were not considered.

You discussed the fact that you haven’t been recognized for your accomplishments or been given promotion opportunities, but Human Resources has not addressed the problem.

Your co-workers are allowed to do or say whatever they want, no matter how inappropriate or illegal it may be.

Your boss is inconsistent in setting or enforcing rules with different employees.

You boss gives you a major project, but does not give you the tools or support to complete it.

Your boss clocked you out for meals, even though you did not take time off.

Your paycheck was mishandled, delayed, or less than you expected based on the hours you worked.

You took vacation days you were legally entitled to, then returned to work to find your position had been given to someone else.

You were injured at work and filed a report, but your boss never submitted it to HR, therefore you did not get benefits you were legally entitled to.

If you have experienced any of these situations, or something else that is similar, you may have a case against your employer. To find out more about your legal rights, and what options you may have to get the compensation you deserve, contact the Employee Advocates at Winston Law Group, P.C.

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